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Midnight Black Cocoa

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MidNight Black -Cocoa

If you’ve ever baked brownies or chocolate cake, you’ve probably chosen between two types of cocoa powder: natural and Dutch-processed (natural being the more common option, and the one you should use if a recipe doesn’t specify). But you may be surprised to learn there’s actually a third type of cocoa powder — and it’s the secret to some of the best, most decadent chocolate treats around. Say hello to Bulgano Mid black cocoa powder.

Our Midnight Black- cocoa powder is similar to Dutch cocoa powder in that it’s processed with an alkaline solution to neutralize its natural acidity, which darkens the color and results in a strong chocolate flavor. Bulgano Black cocoa is treated heavily with the solution so that it’s even darker in color — practically charcoal black — and has deep, intense chocolate flavor.

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